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Adaptability. Flexibility. Manageability. Accessibility.

Monitor the health of your facility using interactive KPIs, customized reporting, and access your data from any device, anywhere.

Transform your data into action

Accelerate your productivity and decision-making. VIBE transforms your data into knowledge to empower your team to make better choices, quicker. Create specific experiences altered to your business needs. By implementing this seamless solution, management and staff can direct their attention to what is most important; your residents, rather than report generation from various applications across countless locations.

Regardless of whether you require ongoing monitoring of key performance indicators (KPIs) or complex information analysis, VIBE's advanced reporting solution will deliver.

Most Advanced Reporting Solution


VIBE is designed particularly for Long-Term Care by coordinating census, labor, accounts receivable, satisfaction scores and Five-Star quality rankings. With different level viewing, VIBE pulls real-time data directly from applications and conveys graphic perspectives of operational performance.

VIBE collects data from your disparate systems into a single platform allowing for enhanced reporting of your most critical data.

Share with your Organization

Easily share information with members of your organization through VIBE’s single online dashboard. Create specific data reports for specific events and share... just a click.

Permissions can be set for specific criteria at any time. Managing your information and your team can be easy. VIBE is a simple-to-use platform, specific to the Long Term Care industry.

Get a Grip on Your Operations

After experiencing VIBE, you'll wonder how your organization ever ran without it!

What Can Data Help Improve?

While each Long-Term Care organization is unique, normal, important improvements driven by healthcare data analysis include:
Prevention of readmissions and consequent financial penalties.
Elevated proficiency in the utilization of clinical and financial resources through episode analysis
Understanding the benefit of driving more chronic conditions into care management programs
Identification and correction of costly unfavorable outcomes, for example, unplanned returns to surgery, returns to critical care, and urinary tract infections
Enhancing results from PCPs, skilled nursing facilities, and home healthcare providers
Boosting service line profitability over the care continuum
Moving care from costly inpatient events to more cost-efficient ambulatory settings
Population health management efficiency benefits such as maintaining narrow networks

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